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  • Chilaquiles Recipe

    Day Or Night This is one of our favorite breakfast treats and it's so easy you really don't need a recipe Foodie Tips: You really can't mess this recipe up as long as you use quality ingredients. Realtor® Keller Williams Realty Email: Mobile: 512-222-3302 Web: #Recipe

  • Halloween Skulltini Recipe

    I have more Halloween crafts and recipes here on the Home Style Austin Blog or on our hand-curated Halloween Realtor® Keller Williams Realty Email: Mobile: 512-222-3302 Web: #recipe

  • Homemade Limoncello Recipe

    This is my family’s favorite limoncello recipe, which will amaze minds (including your own) that you The recipe is compliments of Ed’s Cucina.

  • Halloween “Boo Bark” Recipe

    This week fall blew into Austin with temperatures in the 90s falling to the jaw-dropping 40s in mere minutes! With the temperature shifts there’s no doubting Halloween is officially in full gear – our favorite time of the year! There’s no better way to enjoy the sweet days of fall than with a slice of this wickedly tasty Halloween treat! Foodie Tips: ❤ If using white chocolate try incorporating orange candy melts to create your own culinary masterpiece. Here’s a fun video on how you can make your own special chocolate swirls! ❤ The suggested ingredients (below) are super flexible. Use as many or as little as you prefer. Just ensure you have more chocolate than treats to ensure a good Boo Bark bond. Time To Prepare: About 2 hours (includes time for the Boo Bark to rest in and out of the fridge). Ingredients: 16-24 Ounces  |  Chocolate Assorted Candies To Your Liking Including: Candy Eye Balls (the eyes make the Boo Bark come to life!) Candy Corn M&Ms (you can create your own design here!) Halloween Themed Sprinkles Halloween Oreos, Sliced Snickers Candy Bars, Sliced Take 5 Candy Bars, Sliced What To Do: 1. Line a 9″ x 13″ baking pan with parchment paper. Make sure to include extra paper on the sides so that the chocolate doesn’t touch the pan. 2. Gather and prepare your ingredients. 3. If using Oreo cookies, scatter a few in the prepared pan. 4. Melt your chocolate. Place your chocolate into a microwave-safe measuring cup or bowl. Microwave in 30-second intervals, stirring often. Be careful not to overcook/burn the chocolate. Once it’s smooth enough to pour it’s ready! 5. Pour the chocolate into the prepared pan, working from the center outward. The Boo Bark edges do not need to be uniform. 6. Top the Boo Bark with your chosen candy decorations. Lightly press any larger pieces to ensure they bond with the chocolate. 7. Place your Boo Bark in the fridge for about an hour to set/harden. Remove from the fridge and let rest for about 30 minutes. Break the bark into bite-sized pieces with a knife and enjoy! Check out some of the other Halloween-inspired ideas here at the Home Style Austin blog or on our hand-curated Halloween Pinterest Board! Joe Paul Reider Home Style Austin Founder Austin Realtor® Keller Williams Realty Email: Mobile: 512-222-3302 Web: #HalloweenOreoCookies #SnickersCandyBar #BooBark #CandyEyeBalls #Halloween #Candy #MandMs #HalloweenSprinkles #Chocolate #CandyCorn #Take5CandyBars

  • Hummingbird Nectar Recipe

    Over the years I’ve picked-up some tips below for how to be hummingbird friendly, including an easy recipe

  • Homemade Orangecello Recipe

    Orangecello: An Italian Staple, Part II Made from the same time-honored recipe as limoncello, this orangecello This is my family's favorite recipe, which will amaze folks that you made it by hand. Because of the long marination time, you can double the recipe, so you'll have extras on hand or for

  • Firecracker Coleslaw Recipe

    With our taste buds searching for a different kind of slaw we rested on this firecracker coleslaw recipe We never stray too far away from the original recipe. Explore more of our favorite recipes here at! redbellpepper #bacon #vegetableoil #texaspecans #garlic #austinrealtor #jalapeño #4thofjuly #mustard #carrots #recipe

  • Rosemary Olive Bread Recipe

    But when I stumbled across this recipe that’s a no knead skillet olive bread I tried it. ItalianFlatLeafParsley #GarlicCloves #basil #Flour #rosemary #KalamataOlives #Water #koshersalt #Thyme #Yeast #Recipe

  • Home Style Austin Orzo Salad Recipe

    Love this recipe? We want to hear from you! In a click and a scroll you can visit more of my favorite recipes!

  • Texas Caviar Recipe

    When speaking about one of my favorite recipes I'm often asked "What is Texas Caviar?" I've given this recipe its own unique Texas twist with a little bit of sweet heat which you can dial You may notice I didn't include black beans in this recipe - that was by design as I felt the the true The recipe was originally purchased with just $100 by the folks we know today as Frito-Lay. Explore more of our favorite recipes here at!

  • Joe’s Bruschetta Completa Recipe

    Italian bruschetta (sounds like “brew-ske-tuh“) may sometimes omit the tomato mixture, this is my own recipe for making a tasty and simple tomato bruschetta that’s sure to “complete you,” (hence the recipe’s name

  • Texas Ranch Water Recipe

    Below is our recipe for the most authentic Ranch Water on Planet Texas - it's delightfully citrusy Explore more of our favorite recipes here at!

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