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Halloween Skulltini Recipe

There's A Chill In The Air With Halloween lurking around the corner we dove head-first into the holiday spirit by making a ghoulish twist on the classic martini. You can create your own special homemade elixir with this smash-up of flavors including green apple, cider, and caramel. These are the perfect bone-chilling drinks sure to liven up any fall get-together.

Time To Prepare: It will only take about 10-15 minutes to prepare your skulltini concoction.

Foodie Tips:

  • For an uber-chilling skulltini freeze your martini glasses for about 30-60 minutes and make your skull ice cubes ahead of time.

  • Skull ice cubes? Yes! There's no better way to raise spirits and smiles than with these 3D Skull Silicon Ice Cube molds. I make mine ahead of time and keep them in freezer bags so they are ready for the party.

  • You'll need a big punch bowl to serve. For ease, I use a large drink dispenser that pours drinks in a snap. And it makes a great presentation.

Ingredients: 1-2 | Granny Smith Apples, Cored, Halved And Sliced 1 Bottle (750 mℓ) | Green Apple Smirnoff Vodka 1 Bottle (750 mℓ) | Kissed Caramel Smirnoff Vodka, 1 Gallon (128 ounces) | Apple Cider 1 Bottle (64 ounces) | Organic Apple Juice To Serve | Ice Cubes - 3D Skulls Recommended To Serve | Ghirardelli Caramel Sauce To Serve | Sliced Apple Wedge (Optional)

What To Do:

1. For garnish/decoration: drop your prepared apple slices in your drink dispenser/punch bowl. 2. Into the dispenser pour the bottles of the green apple and caramel vodkas, apple cider, and apple juice, and stir well.

3. Place a skull ice cube in your well-chilled martini glass. 4. Rim the inside of the martini glasses with the caramel sauce. 5. Fill your martini glass to just below the rim. Garnish with an apple slice if desired and enjoy!

Yield: 16+ servings. Refrigerate any leftovers.

Halloween Lover? I have more Halloween crafts and recipes here on the Home Style Austin Blog or on our hand-curated Halloween Pinterest Board! Enjoy them all and happy haunting! 💀💀💀

Joe Paul Reider

Joe Paul Reider

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