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Keto Micro Buffalo Tacos

Small But Mighty Texas Tacos

It's been since before the holidays (October) that I've been right-sizing my meals. Typically after the holidays like most folks eating mindfully finally kicks in. These mini chicken 'n cheese tacos pack a lotta spicy punch and they are surprisingly low carb. Read on for the good stuff!

Foodie Tip:

  • Try and score a muffin top pan to yield the perfectly-sized micro tacos. This pan has a wider circumference than your typical muffin pan was just $12.50 on Amazon and we are already ready to make some thick cookies and whoopie pies with it. What diet? :)

Time To Prepare: About 30 minutes.


8 Ounces Monterey Jack Cheese, Shredded 2 Cups Chicken Breast, Shredded ¼ Cup Frank's RedHot Buffalo Wings Sauce ¼ Cup Cream Cheese, At Room Temperature To Serve Homemade Chuy's Creamy Jalapeño Dip, Marian's Tomatillo-Habañero Hot Sauce, Diced Tomatoes, Scallions (You Know What To Do)

What To Do:

1. Preheat your oven to 350°F. 2. Place the shredded Monterey Jack Cheese in the bottom of the wells of the muffin top pan and bake 4 minutes. The cheese circles will become nice and gooey, but we're not finished quite yet! While the cheese is baking move along to step 3.

3. In a medium-sized bowl mix together the shredded chicken, buffalo sauce, and cream cheese.

4. Remove the pan from the oven and place some of the filling on half of each melted cheese circle. Lift and fold the other side of the cheese circle on top of the filling to form your taco.

5. Return the mini tacos to the oven and continue baking them for 7-10 minutes.

6. Remove the tacos from the oven and remove them from the pan with a non-stick utensil. Place the tacos on a paper towel to rest.

7. Dress your micro tacos with your favorite toppings (see suggestions above) and enjoy!

Joe Paul Reider

Joe Paul Reider

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