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Strawberry Goat Cheese Crostini

The Great Taste Of Summer This crostini was certainly love at first bite with the sweet summer strawberries mixed with fresh jalapeño and some Texas honey and mint to seal the deal.

For those who have had and loved the award-winning Fischer and Weiser Original Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Sauce, the unique combination of the sweet heat is tastefully unique. So don't let the thought of eating fresh jalapeño intimidate your taste buds - in fact you may have just found your new favorite appetizer.

Foodie Tips: 

  • A word about bread: We used H-E-B Organics Country Italian Batard (pictured) which will yield larger slices. This is one of my favorite breads, which is sold parbaked and unfrozen for making fresh directly on your oven rack. For smaller, individual-sized "noshing," a french baguette will not disappoint.

  • If you want to experiment and change the flavor profile you can substitute fresh basil for the mint.


1 Loaf  |  Baguette or Batard, Sliced Diagonally Into ¼" Thick Slices To Bake Bread  |  A Light Sprinkling Of Olive Oil + Kosher Salt 2 Cups  |  Strawberries, Washed, Dried and Chopped 1 Tablespoon  |  Jalapeño, Destemmed, Minced (Include Seeds For Extra Punch) 2 Tablespoons  |  Local Honey (In these parts honey means Round Rock Honey) 1 Tablespoon  |  Fresh-Squeezed Lime Juice ¼ Teaspoon  |  Kosher Salt 8 Ounces  |  Goat Cheese To Garnish  |  Fresh Mint, Chopped To Garnish  |  A Light Sprinkling Of Olive Oil (Optional but Recommended)

What To Do:

1. Preheat your oven and bake your bread according to its package directions. If your bread didn't arrive with any directions a baguette will bake at 350°F for about 10 minutes and a batard will bake at 425°F for 12-16 minutes. My favorite bread is one that's still soft but with a light outer crunch.

2. To make crostini prepare a foil-lined baking sheet, add the bread and lightly brush some olive oil on top of the bread slices before baking. Do not "drown" your bread with the oil. Give a light pinch of kosher salt on top of the oil and pop it into the oven. When done, remove the bread from the oven and set it aside to cool. While the bread is cooling...

3. In a medium-sized bowl combine the strawberries, jalapeño, honey, lime juice, and salt. 4. To assemble the crostini: Drop goat cheese crumbles over the top of the bread. You can also spread the goat cheese with a knife but the crumbled approach shown looked more appetizing to me. 5. Top each piece of bread with the strawberry mixture (roughly 2 tablespoons or to your preference depending on the size of your bread). Top with mint or basil and a light sprinkling of more olive oil. Enjoy! Yield: About 4-8 hungry Texans. Best enjoyed fresh.

Joe Paul Reider

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