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Halloween Skull Cakelets

Boo, Yah!

With Halloween being one of my all-time favorite holidays, there's no better way to celebrate the sensational spirit of the season than by making Hallo-themed food. I had been eyeing the skull cakelet pan for far too long until I finally scored mine in 2019. Now I'm able to churn out wickedly delicious creations - idea starters are below!

Time To Prepare:

About 30 minutes per batch (includes a little time for cooling).

Foodie Tips:

  • Order a 3D skull cakelet pan for the goriest gruesome effect. We ordered our 5-cup capacity Haunted Nordic Ware Skull Pan on Amazon. If you hurry you might score one before they vanish this season! Nordic Ware also makes additional cakelet pans for Halloween and beyond - check them out!

  • This skull cakelet pan makes way more than just cakes. Check out the video below for additional ideas including floating ice skulls for your witch's brew, mummy wrapped cakes, peanut butter or jam-filled chocolate skulls, rice krispie shrunken heads, gooey pizza-stuffed skulls, stuffed enchilada skulls and more! Have you ordered your pan yet? 💀💀💀

  • You can use your favorite scratch cake recipe. We were in a flurry for Halloween so we opted for boxed cake mixes. We used one chocolate and one vanilla so we could marble the skulls shown above. You can go with one flavor as you see fit. Note: Red velvet cake mimics blood!

  • To heighten the flavor of the frosting-less cakes the icing is optional but wildly recommended. The icing will allow the skull's creepy 3D shape to take form as shown by the haunting eye sockets and cranial drips above!

A Pepperoni and Cheese-Filled Pizza Skull


for the cakes: 1 Don't Forget The Pan A Few Sprays Pam Baking Spray Your Favorite Cake Recipe (and any necessary ingredients) for the icing: ¼ cup Lemon Juice or Limoncello 1 cup Confectioner's Sugar (aka powdered sugar)

What To Do:

1. Prepare your batter according to the package directions. If you're using multiple colors like we did (shown), make the batters in two separate bowls and set aside. 2. Lightly spray your skull pan with baking spray. 3. Fill the pan about ¾ full, leaving room for the batter to expand as it bakes. If making multi-colored skulls you can alternate spoons of batter. 4. Place the pan of skulls into a preheated 350°F oven for about 12-15 minutes, or until done (each oven is different). 5. Place a cooling rack on top of a cookie sheet. Transfer the baked skulls upright onto the cooling rack and allow them to rest a bit. 6. In a small bowl prepare the icing by mixing the lemon juice (or limoncello) and confectioner's sugar with a fork or small whisk. 7. Drizzle the icing over the skull heads. The icing can drip onto the cookie sheet. Allow the icing to set (about 10 minutes). 8. Transfer the skulls to a serving dish or platter. You can make additional skulls until you are out of batter. The skull cakelet pan helps create culinary creations that are sure to be the hit of your Halloween party. Enjoy!

Joe Paul Reider

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