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Valentine's Day Cupid Cups

A Treat For Your Sweetheart

This recipe puts a heart-inspired twist on our Signature Lemonberry Cups recipe. There’s no baking involved, so these Cupid Cups are super-easy to make and feature fresh heart-shaped strawberries right on top!

Foodie Tips:

Instructions For How To Make A Strawberry Heart By Home Style Austin
  • Making your strawberry hearts is surprisingly simple! Remove the crown (leaves) from the strawberry then slice the strawberry in half. Using a small heart-shaped pie cutter/cookie cutter center the cutter on the fruit then cut. Voilà!

  • For an extra-special treat, we suggest using ChocoMaker Belgian Dark Chocolate Dessert Cups which will yield about 16 treats (they’re about twice as big as the fillo shells). If you prefer fillo, you can find the mini fillo shells in the freezer section of your local Austin HEB. Jars of lemon curd will most likely be waiting for you on a shelf by the jams and jellies.

  • To decorate: You can easily tint the cheese pink by adding 4-5 drops of red food coloring. To dust, or not to dust – that is the question! We dusted with powdered sugar!

  • For a quick way to get the mascarpone into the shells you can use or make your own piping bag. To make your own tube simply fill one end of a clean plastic or “Ziploc” bag with the mascarpone mix. Flatten and remove the air space above the icing and cut a small piece of the bag’s corner away. Holding the bag in your palm you can squeeze out the desired amount of mascarpone!

Ingredients: 8 Ounce Container  |  Mascarpone, Sweet Italian Cream Cheese 4 Tablespoons  |  Lemon Curd 4 Tablespoons  |  Powdered Sugar 16-25  |  Chocolate Cups (shown) or Mini Fillo (Phyllo) Shells To Garnish  |  Strawberries, Cut Into Hearts To Dust  |  Powdered Sugar

Pink Cupid Cups By Home Style Austin

1. In a medium-sized bowl blend well the Italian cream cheese, lemon curd and the powdered sugar.

2. On a serving plate arrange the empty shells/cups. Fill the cups with the cream cheese mixture and top each with strawberries or berries of your choosing. Raspberries and blackberries are a favorite, too!

3. Place the Cupid Cups in the refrigerator for a 30-minute chill before serving.

4. Before the tasty unveiling, give the Cupid Cups a light dusting of powered sugar. This step is optional but creates a pretty topping for the dessert.

Serve chilled and enjoy!

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A Cupid Cups Recipe By Home Style Austin
Cupid Cups By Home Style Austin
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