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Tacos Locos

Perhaps The Best Tacos On Both Sides Of The Pecos This recipe quickly became a family favorite seemingly out of nowhere.

It started one night when I was too tired to cook dinner and my partner decided to jump in and try to whip something together. After the first bite, we were both hooked and have been enjoying these tacos every 2-3 weeks since! Surprisingly, these are also carb friendly but they taste quite the opposite. Make note of the special foodie tips for highly suggested ingredient tips. Tacos Locos - you'll go crazy for them! Time To Prepare: About 30 minutes all in. Foodie Tips: These are all "staple" items in our kitchen:

  • Meat: Cuisine Solutions Sous Vide Sliced Grass-Fed Ground Beef Sirloin (available at Costco)

  • Seasoning: Kinder's Red Jalapeño Garlic Seasoning (available at Walmart)

  • Cheese: Queso Mama White Queso With Diced Green Chiles (available at Costco)

  • Tomatoes: If you find you're out of fresh, you can use a can of fire-roasted tomatoes (diced or crushed)

  • Tortillas: We use an amazingly delicious low-carb variety from La Banderita - Queso and Jalapeño (available in select H-E-B grocery stores)

  • Locos Tacos Sidekick: These Tacos Locos pair remarkably well with our homemade spicy margaritas. The recipe is here!

Ingredients: For The Beef Mixture: ½ - 1 Stick | Unsalted Falfurrias Butter

1 Each | White Onion Or Bell Pepper, Chopped (Optional)

1 Package (About 1 Pound) | Sous Vide Sliced Grass-Fed Ground Beef Sirloin To Taste | Seasoning (Kinder's Red Jalapeño Garlic Or Salt And Pepper) 1 ½ Cups Or More | Grape Or Medley Tomatoes, Sliced In Half 3 Or More | Green Onions, Sliced Servings Recommendations: To Top | White Queso with Green Chiles, Warmed

Pinches | Fresh Cilantro, Chopped (Or Fresh Spinach Leaves)

To Top | Shredded Cheese (Monterey Jack Is A Favorite)

1-2 | Avocado, Cubed Or Sliced (Or Guacamole) To Top | Mexican Crema (Or Ranch Dressing Or Sour Cream) A Sprinkle | Fritos, Crumbled (For That Perfect Crunch)

Squeezes | Fresh Lime Juice

8 Or More | Your Favorite Tortillas

What To Do:

1. Prep The Beef: Let's roll! In a medium sauté pan place your butter and warm it over medium heat. If using the onion or pepper, you can sauté them for a couple of minutes. Add the beef and juices (from the Sous Vide packet). With two wooden forks (or tongs), separate the beef. Add the sliced tomatoes and green onions and season with the magical red jalapeño garlic seasoning. Continue simmering until the beef sirloin still has a bit of pink (or to your preference).

2. Slice The Beef: Transfer the beef in small batches to a cutting board and slice them into ¼-inch slivers. Return the meat to the pan to warm. I like to crush any large tomato pieces with my spoon/tongs to let the juices further marinate into the beef.

3. Assemble Your Tacos: We're now ready for the final dismount! Once you've gathered and prepped your chosen toppings, warm your tortillas. I use a tortilla warmer like this that works wonders. Place your warmed tortilla on a plate and being layering. I prefer to build like so: smear some of the green chili queso on the tortilla, add a layer of spinach, and follow with the sliced beef. Next add the shredded cheese, avocado, crema, Fritos, and a couple of squeezes of lime juice. Chef's kiss!

We often assemble these in the kitchen family style - even eating them standing up around the toppings bar - they are that good! Have fun experimenting with your own flavor combinations of these Tacos Locos!

Yield: 8-12 tacos.

Explore and enjoy more of my family's favorite recipes here at – your trusted resource for celebrating the best of Central Texas living through the adventures of food, design, and landscape.

Joe Paul Reider

Joe Paul Reider

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