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Graham Nut Party Mix

Perfect For Fall, Y'all Move over, popcorn. Hello, party mix! Party mixes are a fall finger food perfect for game days, lazy days or any day you want a special snack. Especially when it's the perfect mash-up of sweet and salty! A spin-off our popular Frito Party Mix - this is a crunchy snack that's sure to delight the senses. What are the highlights of this recipe? Graham cracker cereal, honey roasted cashews, Texas pecans - all coated in a handmade buttery-brown sugar glaze and mixed with pretzel sticks and fall-colored, chocolatey M&Ms. Let's dig in!

Time To Prepare: About an hour (includes ~30 minutes for cooling).

Foodie Tips:

  • Add a touch of fall color to your snack mix by using Halloween-colored "ghoul's mix" M&Ms, which we found at our local H-E-B.

  • You can dial up or down the salt in this recipe by using salted or unsalted nuts. You can give the mix a sprinkle of kosher or Maldon (flake) salt on top while it's cooling.

  • Pro Tip: To ensure the best amount of pretzels, place them in a measuring cup vertically vs. just tossing them into it. This helps ensure that you'll receive the maximum enjoyment from the most pretzels.


½ Cup (1 stick) Unsalted Butter 1 Cup Light Brown Sugar, Firmly Packed ¼ Cup Light Corn Syrup

6 Cups Golden Grahams Cereal

2 Cups Honey Roasted Whole Cashews 2 Cups Texas Pecan Halves (Kirkland Organic are the perfect blend of halves and a few rough-chopped bits) 2 Cups Pretzel Sticks 1 Cup Ghouls' Mix M&Ms (Orange, Purple and Electric Green candies) What To Do: 1. Preheat your oven to 350°F.

2. To make the brown sugar glaze, in a small nonstick saucepan over medium-high heat melt the butter. Add and combine the brown sugar and corn syrup and bring to a low boil for about 3 minutes. No additional stirring needed! While the glaze is boiling... 3. In a large bowl gently combine the golden grahams cereal, the cashews and the pecans. A spatula works great!

4. Remove the glaze from the heat and pour it over the graham-nut mixture, stirring well to coat. 5. Pour the mixture onto a large sheet pan and bake in your preheated oven for 5 minutes. Stir the mix again to evenly coat the glaze and bake an additional 5 minutes.

6. Remove the party mix from the oven and spread the warm party mix out onto wax or parchment paper. Let the mix cool for about 30 minutes before the final step. 7. Transfer the party mix to a large bowl and add the pretzel sticks and the M&Ms, gently combining one last time. 8. To serve: Transfer your graham-nut party mix to a serving bowl, gift bags, or paper muffin cups which are great for individual snacking. This mix is great for gift giving and you can store any leftovers in a well-sealed storage container.

We hope you enjoy this party mix as much as our friends and neighbors do. Let us know what you think of this fall favorite!

Joe Paul Reider

Joe Paul Reider

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