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The Nurture Of Nature

The Big Majestic Oak Tree Of Canyon Creek

One of the great things about living in Central Texas is that we’re never too far away from nature’s influence.

My family and I live in Northwest Austin near Lake Travis which means easy access to abundant hills and wildlife. So during the recent holiday break we went for many relaxing walks with friends and family alike – each trip pushing deeper into the nearby woods surrounding our neighborhood near Canyon Creek.

What my adventures taught me is to make the most of Austin’s magnificent views; to experience the wind, water, woods and wildlife as close as possible, not just from afar.

I first encountered the neighborhood trails from Trailhead Park then learned the area was much more than “just a park” – the lands are near the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve which provides a protected habitat for endangered song birds and invertebrates found nowhere else on Earth. So aside from the obvious beauty there’s a magnificent significance to this area.

Below are a few pictures from one of the nearby trails that connects with Trailhead Park. Tip: Click the pics for bigger photos.

While you can discover the trails from the back of Trailhead Park proper, I entered from a less obvious trail during a short walk with my Labs. Off Boulder Lane you’ll see this sign (below). Dart behind it and you’ve just entered one of the trail’s hidden entrances. Hint: veer right.

Dart Behind The Savannah Ridge Sign To Enter The Trail

This old gate can probably tell us a few stories … like answering the question “What were you doing the day your swing swung you into your resting position?”

The Old Gate Of Canyon Creek

This fallen tree cast a pretty reflection in the water. When it fell was anyone around to hear if it made a sound?

A Fallen Tree In Northwest Austin

I wasn’t sure if this wild mushroom was poisonous or not but it sure was cool to look at. “Keep It Weird,” little shroom!

A Wild Mushroom In Austin Texas

Sometimes a “River Runs Through It.” In this case the trail runs straight through the middle of this tree. 

A Split Tree In Austin Texas

Crossing a few of the creeks takes a little balance for both young and young at heart. 

Crossing The Creek Austin Texas

This field of green sure is impressive! I’ve never seen so many wild cacti in one blink of the eye.

Wild Cacti In Austin Texas

Kinda like the Tree of Souls from the movie “Avatar” this giant oak tree must be 150 or more years old. Look closely and you’ll see something I’ve never seen before – a cactus growing in a tree!

A Cactus Growing High Up In The Big Majestic Oak Tree Of Canyon Creek

The Big Majestic Oak Tree Of Canyon Creek, as we called it, is as beautiful as it is big – I could hardly capture the entire tree in one picture so let’s have a look of the tree in this video.

Back on the trail this canopy of cedar trees seems to stretch for miles. 

A Trail Of Trees In Austin Texas

At the top of a hill near Trailhead Park is this great canyon view.

Spicewood At Bull Creek Canyon View

As the sun begins to set we pop back onto Boulder Lane and back to “civilization.” Funny, I never look at the tree-covered hills the same way these days.

A Sunset In Austin Texas

Whether you experience a hike, bike, run, walk or picnic always make sure to be careful when heading into the wild. Wear appropriate footwear for the rocky terrain, keep pets near (or at home) and your phone nearer, just in case. Have responsible fun, make a day of it, and “leave only footprints” as the saying goes!

~ Joe Paul Reider

Home Style Austin Founder Austin Realtor® Keller Williams Realty, Inc.

Email: Mobile: 512-222-3302 Web:

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