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DIY : Hill Country Headboard

There's nothing like the pride you feel when finishing up one of your own Do It Yourself projects! This Hill Country Headboard packs a lot of flash for the cash ~ the materials cost under $100 and it took me no more than 2-3 hours of labor, excluding dry-time.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Picking up lumber from Lowes to make our hill country headboard

▪ Lumber: Use enough for the width of your mattress – go wide if you choose. This is your own custom project so you can decide the width and the height based on personal preference. I used 1/2″ thick “white wood” pine that I obtained at my local Lowes Home Improvement store. We will be using support braces for reinforcement so remember to add them to your cart as you are gathering your materials.

▪ Stain: You can pick multiple colors of your choosing or keep it simple and go one color all the way.

▪ Screws: Get enough to go through support braces and into the headboards, but not too long to “break” through the front of the headboard. I chose screws 1/4″ less than the total depth of my project.


Saw Horses, Tables or Large Flat Surface: From which to work.

A Drill: To secure the support braces to the headboard

A Pen or Pencil: To draw a cut line.

A Jigsaw or Circular Saw: To cut the wood.

A Friend: To help you out.


▪ Staining boards is easy. Remember to wear latex gloves as sometimes stain likes to remain (if you know what I mean).

▪ No Two The Same. I used boards of varying height and width – even those with knots and knot holes – to give a unique character to the headboard. “Keep Austin Weird,” right? If you have distressed wood laying around, even better.

What To Do: 

1. Stain the boards. If you’re using more than one color randomize the stain and boards to get that “varied” look. Remember to stain the sides of the boards in case there are any gaps. Staining the tops and backs of the boards is up to you (not required). Dry and seal according to the stain instructions (mine dried overnight).

2. To assemble the headboard, begin by laying the boards left-to-right on a flat surface (I used two folding tables). Arrange the boards as desired, alternating width and color as desired. Height we will address in step 4.

DIY Hill Country Headboard by Home Style Austin

3. To add 3 support braces to the back of the headboard, we’ll need to invert the headboard so you can work from behind the front-facing boards. To accomplish this face the headboard as it would stand top to bottom and left to right, lift the farthest left board and move it face down all the way on the right side of your headboard. This step works best with two people! Be careful not to slide/scratch the stained boards as you move them. Continue with the boards until complete. The headboard will now be facing down “reading” from right to left.

DIY Hill Country Headboard by Home Style Austin

4. Adjust The Headboards: If you want a headboard with varying height as shown now’s the time to adjust the boards to your preference.

5. Secure Three Support Beams to the back of the headboard using wood screws and your drill. After the first screw goes in make sure that it did not puncture through the front of the headboard (you’ll have to lift the board and its support to check). Continue until all boards are secured to the support beams.

6. Trim Bottom Of Boards: If you used the staggered height design (shown), draw a horizontal line on the back of the headboard at the bottom and cut off any “extra” lumber to result in a clean finish.

DIY Hill Country Headboard by Home Style Austin

7. Flip and Admire: With the help of a friend lift the headboard from the work surface, turn it facing you and admire! Move the headboard to its final “resting place” and secure it to your bedframe with 2-4 bolts and screws. Bravo, you’re done!

Have you made this project? Share pictures with us on our Facebook community or email them to us at HomeStyleAustin @!

~ Joe Paul Reider

Home Style Austin Founder Austin Realtor® Keller Williams Realty, Inc.

The Finished Piece : DIY Hill Country Headboard by Home Style Austin
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