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Brushy Creek Regional Trail

Brushy Creek Lake Park

One of the best parts of living in Avery Ranch is the proximity to great golfing, amazing neighbors with Texas-sized Avery Ranch spirit and memorable vistas thanks to Brushy Creek.

I knew we lived a super-short drive to Brushy Creek Lake Park but it wasn’t until one day on my dog walk when we darted between two boulders near Rutledge Elementary that I realized we could pick-up the expansive Brushy Creek Regional Trail (BCRT) just a few minutes from our front door in The Landing – no car involved!

With cooler Texas weather on its way, why not grab the family, pack a picnic and make a day of nature’s greatness? Let’s take an online stroll of some of my favorite moments along the trail. Hint: click on the pics for a larger view!

Ready for big views and curvy curves, like this?

Brushy Creek Regional Trail Curves

Even my Labs Boomer and Harley stop to smell the wildflowers.

Brushy Creek Regional Trail - Smell The Wildflowers

In the cooler months the lake’s rising fog can be surreal.

The Fog At Brushy Creek Regional Trail

Luckily, in Spring the bluebonnets of Brushy Creek awaken to remind us of their natural beauty. Don’t they look like a “sea of blue?”

Brushy Creek Regional Trail Bluebonnets

And then there are special bluebonnet moments like this!

Brushy Creek Regional Trail Bluebonnets With Boomer And Harley

And unexpected moments like discovering the “Dino Dig” for the first time at Champion Park.

Brushy Creek Regional Trail Dino Dig

And surprises like finding wild deer looking at you mere feet from the trail. Hello, dear deer!

Wild Deer At Brushy Creek Regional Trail

What’s that big rock doing here? Is this granite? 

Brushy Creek Regional Trail Granite And The Railroad Line

Oh, yes it is! And it has a magnificent story behind it!

Texas Historical Commission Granite Sign At Brushy Creek

When you finish reading the historical marker, why not admire the train trestle’s architecture?! This is the same Capitol Metro train line that runs through Avery Ranch into downtown Austin!

Brushy Creek Regional Trail Train Trestle

Speaking of interesting shapes, look at this riverbed rock formation!

Brushy Creek Regional Trail Rock Formation

And here’s another formation that’s several feet tall!

Brushy Creek Regional Trail - Another Rock Formation

Back on flat ground Boomer and Harley head full steam ahead for open ground…

Dogs Walking At Brushy Creek Regional Trail

… In search of rippling waters like this watering hole. This spot cooled them down for sure!

Rippling Waters At Brushy Creek Regional Trail

Following the rippling waters upstream will take you to a really, really big watering hole (a.k.a. Twin Lakes Park). We were glad the ducks and geese were willing to share the lake with us. 

Brushy Creek Regional Trail Twin Creek Lakes

Canoeing on Twin Lakes is always fun!

Canoeing At Twin Lakes Park

Gazing at wildflowers along the trail is also fun!

Brushy Creek Regional Trail Wildflowers

“Sunset time” is probably my most fun-time … it makes the perfect ending to a great day at Brushy Creek!

Brushy Creek Regional Trail Sunset

I hope you enjoyed these pictures! Have some of your own you’d like to share? Post them on the Home Style Austin Facebook page – we’d love to see them!

I hope you enjoy all the best of Brushy Creek!

Joe Paul Reider

Joe Paul Reider

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