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"The whole is greater than the sum
of its parts."

~ Aristotle

Our partners help us connect the best talent and reach new heights. And when we win, you win, too. And that's what our mission is all about.



Home Style Austin's Partner, Monfries Design

MONFRIES DESIGN - True artists know no bounds. And that's exactly why we partner with Monfries Design. This dynamic design duo is a wife-husband team who cleverly craft in ceramic, paint, sculpting and just about anything they can get their hands on. 

Their passion is unbridled. And the results? Well, they speak for themselves.


Custom murals, paintings, hand-carved knives and reclaimed materials turned art make this a partnership with talent and inspiration as big as Texas. Contact us for custom project inquiries.

Home Style Austin's Partner, Red Pants Studio

RED PANTS STUDIO is a leading provider of creative images, rooted in interiors photography. Add a hearty passion for portraits, a unique perspective on life around us and owners with hearts of solid gold and you have Red Pants Studio.


You'll discover spectacular images of their fine craft woven throughout and our company's online channels.

Like what you see? 
Connect with them online. And tell 'em the folks here at Home Style Austin say "Howdy!"

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